School Lunches
School Lunches

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  • Feature Reference: AP21609363_000020
  • Date: 20140506
  • Headline: School Lunches
  • Caption: A child collects a serving of salad for lunch, Tuesday, May 6, 2014 at Delcare Edu Center, a local kindergarten and child care center in the business district of Singapore. Everyday, lunch is prepared by the school kitchen staff and efforts to promote healthy eating in this particular center is seen in painstaking efforts in selection of their ingredients and food preparation methods. The children in this school are also taught to accept a wide variety of food, and the principal plans a weekly menu at the start of each school term. Healthy snacks consisting of fruits, home-made bread, natural beans, soup, and barley are served between meals. (AP Photo/Wong Maye-E)/SIN208/44138554878/1408121856
  • Authors: Wong Maye-E/AP/SIPA
  • City: Singapore
  • Country: SGP