Puppy Surprise

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  • Headline: Puppy Surprise
  • Caption: Puppy Surprise Video Unique id 1367207 Caption VID BY CATERS NEWS - It really is love at first sight for this little boy, as his wish for a dog is finally granted in an emotional puppy surprise. Fabian Rodriguez, aged 10, had the surprise of a lifetime when summoned into his grandparents’ living room in Kissimmee, Florida, USA, on February 10 under the pretence of some 'special visitors' awaiting him. Believing the special guest to be his mother, Fabian flings his arms around her, greeting her gleefully, before he is pointed to the mysterious box with a ribbon a-top, in the corner. Excitement soon turns to disbelief as the box is opened, leaving little Fabian in a state of shock, as he struggles to come to terms with the adorable golden retriever now sat on his lap. SEE CATERS COPY Published 08 March 2017 Created 08 March 2017
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