Tarantula Girl

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  • Headline: Tarantula Girl
  • Caption: Tarantula Girl Video Unique id 1376235 Caption VID BY CATERS NEWS- Many women in their twenties might long for a cat or a dog, but a 28-year-old Indonesian woman has a fetish for keeping tarantulas. Ming Cu from Bandung city has spent over £45,000 in importing 1500 odd tarantulas of 60 different colours and species from Europe and Asia. There are Avicularia Versicolor, Theraphosa Strimi, Poeclotheria Formosa, and more. The woman, who also own a pet shop and deals with sales of tarantulas, keeps her hairy, eight-legged crawly friends in special beam-shaped glass jars. SEE CATERS COPY Published 10 April 2017 Created 10 April 2017
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