Big Head Baby

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  • Headline: Big Head Baby
  • Caption: Big Head Baby Video Unique id 1382264 Caption VID BY CATERS NEWS- These heartbreaking images show the tragic moment a mother cries for a life-saving surgery for her toddler daughter whose head has swollen to the size of a football. 18-month-old Binita Hira suffers from an extreme form of hydrocephalus, a rare condition where fluid accumulates inside the skull. The tiny tot's head has swollen to 20 inches - almost three times its normal size - and she is now bedridden and in danger of losing her life. Her poverty-stricken parents are desperately waiting for medical help to save their dying daughter whom the villagers call a 'curse'. SEE CATERS COPY Published 28 April 2017 Created 28 April 2017
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