Electric Man

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  • Headline: Electric Man
  • Caption: Electric Man Video Unique id 1398076 Caption VID BY CATERS NEWS- An Indian man claims he has a remarkable ability to withstand million-volt electric shocks that can otherwise kill a normal person. Naresh Kumar, 42, from a tiny village in Muzzafarnagar in northern state of Uttar Pradesh, claims he can grab any electric wire with his bare hands, irrespective of the amount of current it carries. "I can grab any naked electric wire be it 11000KV, 33000KV or 66000 KV with my bare hands and bare feet. I feel nothing," boasts the father of five.The man, who works in a government-run hospital and assists doctors in conducting post-mortems, discovered his bizarre 'talent' four years ago when he accidentally touched a live wire at a friend's place but survived unscathed. SEE CATERS COPY Published 21 June 2017 Created 21 June 2017
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