Rainbow Village

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  • Headline: Rainbow Village
  • Caption: Rainbow Village Video Unique id 1404005 Caption VID BY 28 LAB / CATERS NEWS - A former slum which was set to be torn down has been transformed into a colourful top tourist attraction thanks to a 95-year-old veteran, who gets up at 3am every morning to paint the village. 'Rainbow Village', in the suburbs of Taichung, Taiwan, has undergone a massive transformation thanks to former soldier, Huang Yong Fu. Despite being 95-years-old, Huang managed to single-handedly stave off the bulldozers by adorning the walls of his village with thousands of vibrant pictures. Huang, who is originally from Hong Kong and fought in the Second Sino-Japanese war as a member of the Chinese Nationalist Party, came to Taiwan with his regimen in 1949. SEE CATERS COPY Published 07 July 2017 Created 07 July 2017
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