Hair Puller Cure

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  • Headline: Hair Puller Cure
  • Caption: Hair Puller Cure Video Unique id 1413148 Caption VID BY CATERS NEWS- An engineering student has created a cure for the hair pulling compulsion that left her bald, feeling like a ‘freak’ and hiding her head for two decades. Emily Kight, 27, from Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, USA, became addicted to hairpulling after being told her wishes would come true if she lucked out eyelashes and blew them at seven-years-old. Over time she developed trichotillomania, which progressed to her plucking out all her eyebrows and patches of hair on her head, as a way to deal with stress. She hid beneath wigs, hats and even pencilled in her eyebrows to blend in, but was regularly left crying in the bathroom after classmates cruelly called her ‘freak’ and ‘bald’. SEE CATERS COPY Published 09 August 2017 Created 09 August 2017
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