Silent March - Mawda Shawri

Silent March - Mawda Shawri
Silent March - Mawda Shawri

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  • Feature Reference: 00861383_000042
  • Date: 20180530
  • Headline: Silent March - Mawda Shawri
  • Caption: Liege - Luik , 30/05/2018 Hommage and minute of silence in Liege after a deadly attack on two police officers and a 22 year old man. The man (Benjamin Herman) wounded 2 others and took a woman hostage at Waha School before being neutralised. Pix : friends of 22-year-old victim Cyril Vangriecken Credit : Nicolas Lambert / Isopix//ISOPIX_16090042/Credit:Frederic Sierakowski/Isop/SIPA/1805301625
  • Authors: Frederic Sierakowski/Isop/SIPA
  • City: Evere
  • Country: Belgium