Weird War in Colour

Weird War in Colour
Weird War in Colour

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  • Feature Reference: 51356363_000001
  • Date: 20190212
  • Headline: Weird War in Colour
  • Caption: Comparision between a British WWI veteran soldier armed with a rifle with a soldier in a full suit of medieval armour with an axe, October 1917. During the beginning of the 20th century, plate armour saw a revival due to the introduction of shrapnel in modern warfare. Date: 1917 - Rights Managed - 12279256.JPG - Credit: Mary Evans / Media Drum Images/SIPA - 1903141219
  • Authors: MARY EVANS/SIPA
  • Keywords: 1917, a, an, armed, armour, axe, beginning, between, British, Comparision, During, full, in, medieval, October, of, rifle, soldier, suit, the, veteran, with, WWI