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  • Feature Reference: 00912500_000008
  • Date: 20190615
  • Headline: SAD CAT
  • Caption: Pic By Dilantha Dissanayake / Caters News - (PICTURED: Toby the cat from Gloucester. Pic taken 15/06/2019) - He might look like a bit of a sour puss but this miserable-looking moggy only seems permanentlysadbecause of a rare genetic condition. Down-in-the-mouth Toby has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome that affects his skin, making it saggy, giving him a permanently grumpy look. His owners, Chris Lardner and Georgina Price, from Gloucester, didnt let his condition put them off and adopted him and his best friend Quinton, after they were both rescued from a hoarder house by the RSPCA. SEE CATERS COPY - Dilantha Dissanayake//CATERSNEWSAGENCY_CATERS_SAD_CAT_08/1906181302/Credit:CATERS/SIPA/1906181305
  • Authors: CATERS/SIPA