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  • Feature Reference: 00912786_000001
  • Date: 20190619
  • Headline: DRESS UP DOG
  • Caption: Pic by Caters News - (Pictured: Josie the Chihuahua.) - The chic pooch has become an Instagram celebrity after she became a model for her seamstress owner who has dressed her up in hundreds of hilarious outfits. Josie the Chihuahua sports a different look every day to delight her thousands of Instagram followers - and has even been dressed up in a sparkly dress worth more than 000. Josie is a 10- year-old chihuahua who was adopted overweight and with health problems but now is thriving as a fashion model. Bonni Burns, 50, a seamstress from Toronto, Canada, who specialises in pet clothing, adopted Josie two years ago and started using her as a fitting model to perfect the clothes she was making. She soon realised that Josie loved the clothes as much as she did so she made her full-time model. SEE CATERS COPY. - //CATERSNEWSAGENCY_CATERS01044/1906201131/Credit:CATERS/SIPA/1906201136
  • Authors: CATERS/SIPA