Japan sakura dreaming

Japan sakura dreaming
Japan sakura dreaming

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  • Feature Reference: 00914833_000001
  • Date: 20121205
  • Headline: Japan sakura dreaming
  • Caption: A girl dressed in a traditional kimono poses in front of the cherry blossoms Osaka, Japan, April 8, 2019. Sakura or the cherry blossom is celebrated widely throughout Japan. It is regarded as a symbol of beauty and renewal. Each spring thousands of people travel to Nippon to enjoy the blossom of the beautiful pink and white flowers or the hanami.//DOJCINOVICSVETLANA_1239.0814/1907031622/Credit:Svetlana Dojcinovic/SIPA/1907031624
  • Authors: Svetlana Dojcinovic/SIPA
  • City: OSAKA
  • Country: JAPAN
  • Keywords: GEISHA, SIPA IMAGE