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  • Feature Reference: 00914912_000003
  • Date: 20190209
  • Headline: OWL VS HARRIER
  • Caption: *MANDATORY BYLINE* PIC FROM Kevin Lippe/Caters News - (PICTURED: A Short-eared Owl and Northern Harrier fighting over a vole that the owl had caught in Edison, Washington, USA. PIC TAKEN ON 09/02/19) - These dramatic images show a harrier and owl fighting it out over the final scraps of the hunt. Taken by photographer Kevin Lippe, 44, the photos show the two birds trying to steal a dead vole. The pictures were taken in Edison, Washington,USA. Kevin said: I was out photographing some short-eared owls when I spotted one that had caught a large vole.SEE CATERS COPY - Kevin Lippe/Caters News//CATERSNEWSAGENCY_caters012051/1907041057/Credit:CATERS/SIPA/1907041100
  • Authors: CATERS/SIPA
  • Keywords: NEWS