collections historiques

Welcome to Sipa's photo collections containing a selection from our historical archives.
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  • Serge Lido

    Serge Lido

    Serge Lido photographed with passion during near half a century the well-known faces of theater, cinema, literature and dance. He was also friend with them.The first photos of the Lido Collection were dated 1937. Then from the 40’s to 1984, the year of his death, he covered the Cannes Film Festival from 1946, theater, ballet, photos sessions of personalities' and movie shootings were his themes of preferences. In 1947, he publishes his first book collection "Dance" with the images of wellknown dancers of the moment. His publications became annual, then twice a year and continued for 40 years. And became a real encyclopedia of the world ballet.

  • Mary Evans

    Mary Evans

  • Pierre Jamet

    Pierre Jamet

    From childhood, Pierre Jamet had two passions: singing and photography. He bought his first camera, an « ICA 6X6 »in 1924 at the age of 14. Pierre Jamet ( 1910-2000 ), humanist photographer real witness of his century leaves behind him an important and eclectic photographic collection. Having close contact with the modest France as well as creative France, often there at the right time and always avid to register the reality, he is, among others, the author of historically important pictures. In the crisis years of the 1930s, he began to produce reports for various magazines, notably the weekly magazine "Regards" which in the pre-war period employed photographers such as Capa, Chim and Cartier Bresson… In 1982, these photos, will be the object of an exhibition entitled " 36 In the front of the life " organized by the National Foundation of Photography. Since 1930 he photographed with love Belle-Île-en-Mer. The numerous photos which he made of this Breton island made several exhibitions as well as an entitled book " Belle-Île-en-Mer 1930-1960 ".

  • Hubert Le Campion

    Hubert Le Campion

    Collection covering the period 1960 to 1980International reporter photographer, Hubert Le Campion was during more than 10 years corresponding of war for the Reporters associés agency and then for Life Magazine. From Algeria to the Biafra, from Vietnam to Congo, he covered all the dramatic events of the planet from 1960 till 1972. Reporter in Parisian desk of Life,he also followed all the politicians of period on visit in Paris, Kennedy, Khrouchtchev and the French politicians; settled down on the Parisian barricades during May, 68; cover the Pompidou ‘s Japan visit …He also realized exclusively for Life the reportage on the exile of the General de Gaulle in Ireland in May, 1969.

  • Dalmas


    The photographic collection of the Dalmas Agency was bought by Sipa Press in 1974. This collection covers the period of 1955 to 1971. Dalmas, the photoreport and press agency founded by the journalist Louis Dalmas, prince of Polignac, was the first agency in France producing and diffusing picture stories for magazines and newspapers. Raymond Depardon began his photographer's career at Dalmas. The Dalmas agency gathered an important team of talented photoreporters who brilliantly covered day and night the French and international current events of the 60s: the economic and social life, the celebrities of cinema and music, the royal families, politics, the wars and the conflicts, starting with the Algerian War…

  • Eclair Mondial

    Eclair Mondial

    The Eclair-Mondial collection covers the period from 1941 to1959. Eclair-Mondial agency, created at the beginning of the 40s by Mr Ludwigsen (owner of the Agency Record), employed more than ten people among whom 5 photo reporters (Paul Bonnecarrère, Georges Martin, Gaston Tissot and Mr Bolle were member of the team). All the photos were taken with the agreement of the interested. They covered European news of the 40s and 50: economics and social life, celebrities, sports, politics, Indochina War. The agency stopped after the death of the founder in 1959. The collection was bought by Louis Dalmas, then by Sipa Press in 1974.

  • Paris-Jour


    The collection Paris-Jour is made of the photographic archives of the daily newspaper Paris-Jours launched in 1959 by the Cino Del Duca publishing conglomerate. The newspaper existed until 1972. A long strike of the editorial staff lead to its closure. It deals with the French current events and more particularly the big Parisian events and naturally the May 68 events.Among the files, we can discover the photographies of Pierre Juillet and Michel Hermans.

  • Universal Photo

    Universal Photo

    Established in 1948, the Universal Photo agency constituted a collection of more than 200 000 photographic documents on the personnalities who participated in the political, cultural life of the second half of the XXth century. Pictures taken by the reporters of the agency from 1950 till 1992 testifying of the life of the French during this period.

  • Sipa Icono

    Sipa Icono

    Sipa Icono, the rich iconographic collection of Sipa Press is constituted by the E.R.L. collection, The Namur-Lalance collection, the YLI collection, The Jacqueline Guillot collection known as "Brulé", the Abecassis collection, the Goldner collection, and the other collections of art and the history.

  • Norbert Huffschmitt

    Norbert Huffschmitt

    The photographer Norbert Huffschmitt based in Nice, France, gathered a collection rich in several tens of thousand (pictures) of the Cannes Film Festival taken in the 50s and 60. He even covered the festival in the 70's .

  • Luftu Ozkok

    Luftu Ozkok

    Famous photographer attached to the literary world, he made portraits of poets and writers of the 60s at the beginning of the 90s such Louis Aragon, Samuel Beckett, Marguerite Duras, James Baldwin, Nathalie Sarraute, Heinrich Böll, Julien Green, Francis Ponge, Cioran, Breton André … Portraits of more than 1 500 writers of the whole world, numerous Nobel prizes, sometimes unoften photographed.