Our Partners

Founded in 1973 by legendaery photojournalist Goksin Sipahioglu, Sipa Press is one of the leading photo-press agencies in the world today.

Sipa covers news and entertainment events around the world thanks to a global network of over 1000 correspondants, and exclusive representation agreements with foreign agencies including the Associated Press, Rex Features, News Syndication, Caters News, WENN, TT News, Isopix and Hollandse Hoogte. The agency distributes some 12,000 daily to major international media outlets - print, online, broadcast.
In addition to daily coverage, Sipa manages an archive of some 20 million pictures dating back to the 1940’s - an oft-consulted source of imagery for publishing, exhibits, and special projects. Sipa Press also enjoys the confidence of a portfolio of corporate clients and non-profit organizations for their commercial or hunanitarian projects.
Taken over in 2013 by media professionals, the agency was given a renewed impetus to expand and implement new strategies.