Uncle Trust Fall Fail

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  • Numéro de reportage  : VIDEO90004613_000001
  • Titre  : Uncle Trust Fall Fail
  • Légende  : Uncle Trust Fall Fail Video Unique id 1348608 Caption VID BY MERCURY PRESS - An uncle who tried to show off to his two nephews by teaching them the 'trust fall' almost landed himself in trouble – when one misunderstood the instructions and fell FORWARDS. Chris Swann, 30, fancies himself as 'the cool uncle' to his sister's nine-year-old twin boys Scott and Paul Swann and thought he would teach them the playground game after school on Tuesday. Yet after positioning their arms crossed on their chests and telling the twins to 'both shut your eyes and on the count of three, fall', Chris swiftly realised he had failed to mention that they should fall BACK. While Paul began to fall safely backwards into his uncle's outstretched hands, poor Scott plummets forwards with both eyes closed, leaving Chris to scramble to try to stop him. SEE MERCURY COPY Published 20 January 2017 Created 20 January 2017
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