Dad Works Out With Kids

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  • Titre  : Dad Works Out With Kids
  • Légende  : Dad Works Out With Kids Video Unique id 1353577 Caption VID BY MERCURY PRESS - This charming video shows a keep-fit father pumping iron using his three- and six-year-old children as weights in the ultimate ‘Dad Workout’. Ryan Brown, six, and Bethan Brown, three, can be seen grinning with glee in the footage as dad Dave Brown, from Chester, Cheshire, lifts them in an array of weighted exercises usually reserved for dumb bells and bar bells. Filmed in the family’s front room, the hit video with nearly 4,000 likes shows Dave pulling moves such as bicep curls, weighted ab extensions and push-ups with 16 kilogram Bethan, as well as quirky deadlifts and shoulder presses with Ryan, who weighs 22 kilograms. And both adorable kids even join forces to up the load for their energetic pa, clambering on his back for squats and a grueling weighted plank. SEE CATERS COPY Published 02 February 2017 Created 02 February 2017
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