Diaper Stops Baby Crying

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  • Titre  : Diaper Stops Baby Crying
  • Légende  : Diaper Stops Baby Crying Video Unique id 1354589 Caption VID BY CATERS NEWS - This is the bizarre moment a toddler stopped having a tantrum when he got to put his used diaper in the bin. In what might be a mum’s dream, Ethan Bautista was crying when his mother Alexis took the soiled nappy away from him. As soon as she hands the one-year-old the underwear, the tears stop and he visibly brightens up before heading for the kitchen at home in Seguin, Texas, USA. While merrily making his way to the bin, Ethan is audibly excited making cooing noises before dropping the diaper in the trash and giving himself a round of applause. - SEE CATERS COPY Published 07 February 2017 Created 07 February 2017
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