Martial Arts Homecoming

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  • Titre  : Martial Arts Homecoming
  • Légende  : Martial Arts Homecoming Video Unique id 1358689 Caption VID BY CATERS NEWS - This is the heart-warming moment a soldier surprises his daughter by dressing up as a ‘Ninja Turtle’ in her karate class after being away with the army for nine months. It seems like just another day at the dojo for Amelia Messenger, on January 23, as she practises her craft at the Martial Arts and More Centre, in Jacksonville, Florida, USA. Unfazed by the huge turtle lurking behind her, Amelia remains focused on the class at hand, until sensei James Wright pulls the mysterious creature to the front of the room, insisting that someone may recognise the man beneath the costume. Initially, the third-grader can’t believe her eyes as she sees dad Oscar standing before her and continues to stand frozen to the spot before running towards him, screaming ‘daddy’ and jumping into his arms. - SEE CATERS COPY Published 15 February 2017 Created 15 February 2017
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