Accidental Throat Punch

Impossible de charger le fichier



  • Numéro de reportage  : VIDEO90004831_000001
  • Titre  : Accidental Throat Punch
  • Légende  : Accidental Throat Punch Video Unique id 1363766 Caption VID BY CATERS NEWS - This tenacious toddler delivered a spectacular knock-out blow to his dad’s throat in a front-room sparring session. ‘Ding-ding’, it’s round one between David Nixon Jr, aged 4 and his dad David Snr, 29, in Ohio, USA, as the pair square off in what was first set out to be a friendly sparring session. The karate-loving kid, David Jr, misses with a series of ambitious kicks to out-manoeuvre his towering opponent, leaving his dad to urge ‘fight like a man’. David Snr however should’ve been careful of what he wished for as, with a running start and almighty force, Junior superman punches his dad to the throat, knocking him to the floor, clutching at his throat and calling out ‘man down’.- SEE CATERS COPY Published 27 February 2017 Created 27 February 2017
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