Builder Fall Fail

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  • Numéro de reportage  : VIDEO90004998_000001
  • Titre  : Builder Fall Fail
  • Légende  : Builder Fall Fail Video Unique id 1373747 Caption VID BY MERCURY PRESS- This is the moment a 'competitive' builder who swapped work for working out paid the price when he snapped his wrist while trying to beat his mates. Jay Felton, 28, from Liverpool, was captured on CCTV falling off the plyometric box while working on a new gym in Hemel Hempstead, Herts. The dry liner insists that his competitive nature took over when saw two colleagues effortlessly leap on the box at around 6pm on Monday (March 27). He then took a run-up and tried to repeat the trick before falling flat on his back and sending the box hurtling backwards. SEE MERCURY COPY Published 31 March 2017 Created 31 March 2017 Copyright Info
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