Hotel Bed Under Stars

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  • Titre  : Hotel Bed Under Stars
  • Légende  : Hotel Bed Under Stars Video Unique id 1406113 Caption VID BY Jelena Gernert Production / CATERS NEWS - There aren't many hotels that have zero stars that have guests clamouring to make a booking - much less those hotel rooms that don't even have a toilet. But this open air Swiss hotel has had hundreds of people clamouring to stay - despite the fact it has no ceiling, walls, or indeed any facilities. The Null Stern hotel is, in fact, just a double bed, with a nightstand and lamps, perched on the top of a mountain. But despite the fact that your stay can be cancelled due to bad weather, every night available at the hotel is booked up. - See Caters Copy Published 14 July 2017 Created 14 July 2017
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