Deepest PoolL Dive

Impossible de charger le fichier



  • Numéro de reportage  : VIDEO90005464_000001
  • Titre  : Deepest PoolL Dive
  • Légende  : DEEPEST POOL DIVE Video Unique id 1407219 Caption VID BY CATERS NEWS- This extreme video is literally breathtaking, as it shows the lengths one freediver had to go to reach the bottom of WORLD'S DEEPEST POOL. Guillaume Nery reached the bottom of the 40-meter deep Y-40 Deep Joy pool, near Venice, Italy, on a single breathe, sinking at a rapid speed after emptying his lungs to be less buoyant. Doing so, Guillaume said, was only one half of the challenge, though - the other was to have his wife, Julie Gautier, swim next to him and film the entire breathold, without using scuba equipment. The 35-year-old, from Nice, France, said that he undertook the challenge because of his love for the venue, despite it being artificial and different from the natural locations where he usually undertakes dives. SEE CATERS COPY Published 19 July 2017 Created 19 July 2017
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