Ultra Marathon Runner

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  • Titre  : Ultra Marathon Runner
  • Légende  : ULTRA MARATHON RUNNER Video Unique id 1408674 Caption VID BY CATERS NEWS- An ultra-marathoner from India has outrun the earth's radius and the flight distance between Mumbai and London in his "dream marathon of 100 km X 100 days" and is short of only 1300 km to set a world record of covering 10,000 km in 100 days. 44-year-old Samir Singh has been running 100 km for 11 hours every day through the busy streets of Mumbai since April 29. In the 87 days of his running, the ultra-marathoner has already outrun the radius of earth, 6371 km and has also surpassed the flight distance of 7197 km between Mumbai to London. He is ready to cross the finish-line on August 26 when his challenge would end. SEE CATERS COPY Published 25 July 2017 Created 25 July 2017
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