Hippo Makes A Pit Stop

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  • Titre  : Hippo Makes A Pit Stop
  • Légende  : Hippo Makes A Pit Stop Video Unique id 1408682 Caption VID BY CATERS NEWS- Incredible footage from St Lucia, South Africa, has captured the moment a wild hippo decided to make a quick pit stop at a local gas station. Innes Minnie captured the video while he was out buying snacks. “I popped into the quick shop at our towns only filling station to get a snack and cool drink,” said Innes. It was a routine pit stop for Innes, until he got back in his car and exited the gas station. “As I got in the car and exited a hippo decided to turn in.” SEE CATERS COPY Published 25 July 2017 Created 25 July 2017
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