Window Licking Dog

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  • Numéro de reportage  : VIDEO90005488_000001
  • Titre  : Window Licking Dog
  • Légende  : WINDOW LICKING DOG Video Unique id 1409216 Caption VID BY MERCURY PRESS- A mum-of-two receives extra help around the house thanks to her two large slobbering dogs who have a fixation for 'cleaning the windows' – with their tongues. Monica Baker claims the two boxer dogs are trying to help her keep on top of her household chores by cleaning the windows on the sliding doors however says the duo are in fact causing more mess with their saliva. Hilarious footage shows five-year-old Roxy and her two-year-old pup Boss almost in sync as they drag their tongues across the glass, appearing to try to cover every corner of the window. Qualified veterinary nurse Monica, from Capel, Western Australia, said: "They are very cheeky, they take over our house but they get away with everything because they are cute, they're always doing stupid things. SEE MERCURY COPY Published 26 July 2017 Created 26 July 2017
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