Airport Crematorium

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  • Numéro de reportage  : VIDEO90005492_000001
  • Titre  : Airport Crematorium
  • Légende  : AIRPORT CREMATORIUM Video Unique id 1409642 Caption VID BY CATERS NEWS- With the belief that heaven is up in the sky, a crematorium with mammoth replicas of airplanes complete with terminal gates and announcements has opened up for funeral in India. Named 'Antim Udan Moksha Airport' or Last Flight to Salvation, the crematorium in Bardoli in western state of Gujarat is quite literally the 'one-way ticket' to heaven. The one-of-its-kind crematorium has two giant replicas of airplanes with five furnaces out of which three are electric and two are traditional funeral pyres. Somabhai Patel, the president of the crematorium said: "The word crematorium is harsh. That is why, we have named this airport Antim Udan Moksha Airport. SEE CATERS COPY Published 27 July 2017 Created 27 July 2017
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