Scorpion Festival

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  • Titre  : Scorpion Festival
  • Légende  : SCORPION FESTIVAL Video Unique id 1410423 Caption VID BY CATERS NEWS- The mere sight of a scorpion can sent jitters to many but a section of devotees in India not only worships the venomous arachnids but also let them crawl on their bodies in the hope of good health and luck. Devotees including women and children as young as four year old, from a small village in Karnataka in southern India worship scorpion Goddess Kondammai. Every year on the auspicious day as per Hindu calendar, they trek for miles to reach the temple and offer milk, coconut and oil to the idol. After prayers, they feed milk to the venomous scorpions that crawl in abundance under the rocks and stones in and around temple premises. SEE CATERS COPY Published 31 July 2017 Created 31 July 2017
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