Fainting Goat Loves Ball

Impossible de charger le fichier



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  • Titre  : Fainting Goat Loves Ball
  • Légende  : FAINTING GOAT LOVES BALL Video Unique id 1411087 Caption VID BY CATERS NEWS- That's Baaarmey! These adorable baby goats have been caught kidding around with an exercise ball. Owners David, 38 and Tarrah, 31, from Vermilion, Ohio, decided to film their 'kids' with an exercise ball on July 18. The four goats known as Fainting Goats can be seen falling off the ball as they attempt to jump up onto it. Ricky is the eight month old black goat, the light brown goat is Lucy and the two baby goats are twins who have not yet been named. The couple found their antics hilarious and decided to capture it all on camera. David said: "We decided to set the ball out and just see what the babies would do with it. "This was filmed just two weeks ago in our back yard around dusk. "The twins really like playing with the exercise ball but Ricky and Lucy are still a bit cautious about it. SEE CATERS COPY Published 02 August 2017 Created 02 August 2017
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