Lemur Lives With Woman

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  • Titre  : Lemur Lives With Woman
  • Légende  : Lemur Lives With Woman Video Unique id 1410955 Caption VID BY CATERS NEWS - A baby lemur who was on the brink of death after being rejected by its mum has been saved by a zoologist who took him into her home. Ekaterina Melnikova, who works at Perm Zoo in Russia, took the tiny Ring-tailed lemur home after it failed to get enough milk from its mum and was just hours from death. The zoologist nurtured the vulnerable animal for two weeks - feeding him around the clock just like a baby - on a diet of milk and mashed banana. Eventually the lemur gained enough weight and was able to join its family once again. However, the youngster still sees Ekaterina as his mum - jumping up to greet her when she visits the enclosure. SEE CATERS COPY Published 01 August 2017 Created 01 August 2017
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