Hand Feeding Sharks

Impossible de charger le fichier



  • Numéro de reportage  : VIDEO90005507_000001
  • Titre  : Hand Feeding Sharks
  • Légende  : Hand Feeding Sharks Video Unique id 1411073 Caption VID BY CATERS NEWS- Alex Powell-Thomas, a commercial lobster diver for nearly 11 years, captured the footage. Alex spends 6 to 8 hours underwater and seems to have made a few friends while on his diving escapades. Alex interacts with tiger sharks, shark rays and loggerhead sea turtles while diving for lobster. “Shark rays are actually quite harmless, in fact they try to steal our fish bags while we’re diving. Loggerheads on the other hand have learnt where we do our decompression diving – so they hang in that spot looking for a fee freed,” said Alex. SEE CATERS COPY Published 02 August 2017 Created 02 August 2017
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