Artist Childs Exhibition

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  • Titre  : Artist Childs Exhibition
  • Légende  : Artist Childs Exhibition Video Unique id 1412601 Caption VID BY CATERS NEWS- An eight-year-old Brazilian schoolboy has opened a makeshift art gallery in his hometown selling his paintings as he sets his sights on paying his way through art college when he’s older. Rodrigo Mendes, who has been painting landscapes on white ceramic bathroom tiles since the grand old age of four, has produced an amazing 200 compositions in his short lifetime with more than half already sold. The young artist, who has been scrupulously investing his money in his paints and equipment, has just bought his first computer with his earnings and on Monday he launched his Facebook page exhibiting and selling framed one-off original pieces from his portfolio of work. Rodrigo said: “I’m really excited about going online because I’ve always wanted people to see my work, which is why I’ve put a lot of my paintings on show. SEE CATERS COPY Published 08 August 2017 Created 08 August 2017
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