Mad Hare
Mad Hare

Impossible de charger le fichier



  • Numéro de reportage  : 00912644_000001
  • Date  : 20190618
  • Titre  : Mad Hare
  • Légende  : Pictured: The crazy looking face pulled by the hare. This hare looks genuinely mad as it sticks its tongue out and pulls a crazy face. Photographer James Rogerson was taking pictures of British mountain hares when this one started cleaning itself while staring directly into his camera. Mr Rogerson, 39, took the funny pictures while visiting the Cairngorms Mountain Range in Scotland to see Golden Eagles. SEE OUR COPY FOR DETAILS. Please byline: James Rogerson/Solent News ' James Rogerson/Solent News & Photo Agency UK +44 (0) 2380 458800//SOLENTNEWS_SOLENT012902/1906191120/Credit:James Rogerson/Solent New/SIPA/1906191123
  • Auteurs  : James Rogerson/Solent New/SIPA