Jellyfish Lake
Jellyfish Lake

Impossible de charger le fichier



  • Numéro de reportage  : 00920085_000015
  • Date  : 20190302
  • Titre  : Jellyfish Lake
  • Légende  : PIC BY Lushan He / CATERS NEWS - (PICTURED Lushan He swims with the jellyfish) - Amazing pictures have emerged of a brave diver swimming alongside thousands of jellyfish. The phenomenal photographs were taken by diving instructor Lushan He, 36, from Palau. She said: It feels amazing to swim with so many jellyfish - it is something Ive always wanted to do!I first saw a picture of the jelly fish lake in 2013 and knew from that moment I had to go there one day.I came to the lake a couple of years ago and it was empty, so to finally be able to swim with them was a fantastic experience - it was once in life time to see this miracle. SEE CATERS COPY - Lushan He / CATERS NEWS//CATERSNEWSAGENCY_CATERS_SWIMMING_IN_JELLYFISH_LAKE_015/1908201702/Credit:CATERS/SIPA/1908201707
  • Auteurs  : CATERS/SIPA
  • Mots-clés  : Jellyfish, Jelly, Fish, Palau, Lake, Lushan He, Strange and Stin