Impossible de charger le fichier



  • Numéro de reportage  : 00920287_000006
  • Date  : 20181230
  • Légende  : MERCURY PRESS. Liverpool, UK. Pictured: Restaurant customer Sara Starkman takes on the Barnyard burger at Meat Factory in Liverpool.Big eaters can MEAT their match this National Burger Day by chowing down on this huge 6,000 calorie behemoth weighing a whopping 30 OUNCES.The gut-busting Barnyard burger features a brioche bun, a 6.5oz burger patty, eggs, an 8oz fried chicken breast, 9oz of BBQ pulled pork, a hash brown a fried onion ring and four slices of cheese all before being drizzled in an array of unique sauces. And the culinary creation, dished out at Meat Factory in Liverpool, contains three times the recommended daily calorie intake for women making it not exactly the healthiest choice this National Burger Day (THURS).SEE MERCURY COPY - Mercury Press & Media//CATERSNEWSAGENCY_MPM-NY_RESOLUTION_BURGER-5/1908221510/Credit:CATERS/SIPA/1908221513
  • Auteurs  : CATERS/SIPA
  • Mots-clés  : meat factory,barnyard,burger,new year,new year resolution