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  • Numéro de reportage  : 00922896_000002
  • Date  : 20190906
  • Titre  : 10 BOYS 1 GIRL
  • Légende  : *** ONLINE EMBARGO - 00.01 09/09/19 *** PIC FROM CATERS NEWS - (PICTURED: Mum Alexis Brett (with baby Cameron) and Dad Davie Brett (with toddler Rothagaide) Boys L -R Top Campbell, Hunter, Harrison, Lachlan, Corey, L-R Bottom Mack, Blake, Brodie, Brahn, Pic Taken 05/09/2019 ) - A mum of 10 boys has revealed shes welcomed an eleventh baby - but this time its a GIRL! Alexis Brett, 39, thought she and husband Davie would be welcoming another little boy after their first 10 children were all boys. So when she fell pregnant for an eleventh time, the couple were so sure they would have an eleventh son they almost didnt bother asking the sonographer what gender their baby was. But the family were dumbstruck when they found out there would be a little girl joining them after 17 years of sons. And now theyre thrilled that baby Cameron has arrived to join their family of 13. - SEE CATERS COPY - PETER JOLLY NORTHPIX//CATERSNEWSAGENCY_CATERS_10_BOYS_1_GIRL_03/1909091248/Credit:CATERS/SIPA/1909091249
  • Auteurs  : CATERS/SIPA
  • Mots-clés  : alexis brett, boys, girl, 10, inverness, Scotland, family,