UK Floods

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  • Numéro de reportage  : VIDEO90003345_000001
  • Titre  : UK Floods
  • Légende  : Flood-hit northern England braces for more rain
  • Auteurs  : AP/SIPA
  • Pays  : Royaume-Uni
  • Script  : DATELINE: Various - 27 December 2015 STORY NUMBER: 4017506 SOURCE: SKY RESTRICTIONS: No Access UK Mainstream Broadcasters And Limited Access To Foreign News Channels: See Script SHOTLIST: RESTRICTION SUMMARY: NO ACCESS UK MAINSTREAM BROADCASTERS/AL JAZEERA/BLOOMBERG. SKY - NO ACCESS UK MAINSTREAM BROADCASTERS/AL JAZEERA/BLOOMBERG. IF YOU ARE A FOREIGN NEWS CHANNEL DISTRIBUTED IN THE UK AND IRELAND ON SKY'S DIGITAL SATELLITE PLATFORM AND WANT TO USE THIS CONTENT, PLEASE CONTACT THE CUSTOMER LIAISON DESK AT [email protected] York - 27 December 2015 ++NIGHT SHOTS++ 1. Various of soldiers wading through flooded street 2. Couple wading through flood water 3. Flood rescue team with rubber dinghy on flooded road 4. Exterior of flooded home, cars partially submerged in water 5. Rescue vehicle pulling up 6. Rescuers on dinghy moving along flooded road 7. People wading past partially submerged car 8. Zoom in from wide of people on flooded street to man looking out of window Tadcaster - 27 December 2015 ++DAY SHOTS++ 9. Various of flooded area, flooded goal posts just visible over water Whalley- 27 December 2015 10. Various of people outside their homes, salvaging furniture and belongings 11. Rubbish being piled up River Calder - 27 December 2015 12. Various of people engaged in clean-up along river Calder STORYLINE: Hundreds of troops were at work in various parts of northern England, helping exhausted residents and emergency workers fight back rising river waters that have inundated towns and cities after weeks of heavy rain. British Prime Minister David Cameron said on Sunday that the flooding is "unprecedented" and vowed to do everything possible to protect people and their property as the damage spread to the major cities York, Leeds and Manchester. Weeks of persistent rainfall has saturated the ground and swollen the rivers to record levels, leaving entire swathes of northern England, and smaller parts of Wales and Scotland, vulnerable. Several hundred flood warnings remain in effect. There have been no fatalities or serious injuries reported, but hundreds of people have been evacuated from houses and apartments in York, 200 miles (320 kilometers) north of London, where over 3,000 properties are judged to be at risk. Emergency crews worked extra shifts to try to restore power thousands of blacked out homes in the greater Manchester and Lancashire areas.
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