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  • Traditional Korean game ''yut''
    Traditional Korean game ''yut''
    Yonhap News/Newscom/SIPA
    Traditional Korean game 'yut' Participants enjoy the traditional Korean board game "yut," which is played by tossing four sticks into the air, at a cultural event to celebrate Chuseok, in Seoul on Sept. 12, 2019. The Korean equivalent of Thanksgiving is celebrated on Aug. 15 of the lunar calendar, which falls on Sept. 13 in 2019. (Yonhap)/2019-09-12 16:32:21/ < 1980-2019 YONHAPNEWS AGENCY. .>
    Photo via Newscom/yonphotos156179/Yonhap News/Newscom/SIPA/1909120935